The One They Fear

The One They Fear is an American metalcore band. The One They Fear was formed in 2013, the brain-child of…

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Silence Is Consent EP 2016 - Album
The One They Fear is an American metalcore band from Albany, NY. Formed in 2013, TOTF members are Rick Hardy,…



Bullets4Teeth Apr 08, 2019

Brutal stuff guys, keep doing what your you're doing, I hear potential, you just need some fine tuning in your arrangements, vocals and mix.

mhhhh .. i can understand there is some potential in your music ... but too experimental to hit the masses (also for a CC distribution). slayers are more commercial :D

theonetheyfear Dec 08, 2016

Love seeing all the listeners and downloads come check us out on Facebook twitter youtube Instagram reverbnation vevo vimeo spotify etc. help us build our fan base and share us with your friends and you can always go to

theonetheyfear Dec 04, 2016

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