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Empty Orchestra

Album Description

Empty Orchestra Cover by Ryan Lawrence McGreer
Empty Orchestra Cover by Ryan Lawrence McGreer
If you enjoy and like this album, please consider leaving me a tip at my artist page or buying merchandise at Please note that this version of the release does not contain the "Live at Alberta Abbey" set. If you'd like that, visit lifelikefamily. Empty Orchestra finds The OO-Ray (Ted Laderas) possessed with a new sense of urgency. Recorded over a stressful three years concurrent with his doctoral work in biology, Empty Orchestra is a work that protests the savagery of today while still maintaining that calm and peace can be reached through the turbulence. All production, orchestration and
performances by Ted Laderas. Mastered by Cory Allen at Altered Ear. Album cover design by Ryan Lawrence McGreer. Thank you to Jim, Jay, Ryan and everyone for their support and encouragement.



Empty Orchestra
01. The OO-Ray - Barriers 00:05:02
03. The OO-Ray - Hindsight 00:04:05
04. The OO-Ray - Normals 00:04:50
05. The OO-Ray - Vapours 00:04:05
06. The OO-Ray - Crush Point 00:04:27
07. The OO-Ray - Blackmidi 00:05:34
08. The OO-Ray - Summits 00:05:43
09. The OO-Ray - Hunting Song 00:05:08
UPLOADED: 04/21/2015
LISTENS: 34733

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