To The Other Side

The Notes & Scratches

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Released Aug 06, 2009
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Preparing for another hopeless blind date, I was at another dirty cash machine, grimacing. Staring at bright green letters blinking on a dark green screen. “Processing.” Blinking over and over and over. I’ve gotta have $60 left. If not, me and matilda041 will be having lint sandwiches and rainwater from a rusty can on our first date. Processing.. Dang, so this is how life is spent! Processing… Whether you’re at the dentist or wrestling though an awkward first kiss, the carousel is always spinning. There’s a lot about those in-between moments on To the Other Side; a lot about living one day to the next, a lot about gasping for air in the wind tunnel flow of past to present to future. There’s a lot about continually trying and continually failing to shape the unshapable. But, like an awful blind date, there is something fun, or at least playful about that failing. As a band, the Notes are, in fact, just one long string of happy accidents. To the Other Side is the first installment of a seven part series that spans the calendar year of 2009. Other releases include, a 7” on Whistler Records, a live recording at Coach House Sounds, two more EPs, a video, a completely country release and a lot of moving amps, waiting for trains, and “processing” empty bank accounts in between. You can cheer them along this multi-media triathlon on their band’s website. Then, I heard a wonderful whirring sound, I was in luck, three crisp twenties and I was off to look fatter in person. Notes:Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Matt DeWine at Pieholden Suite Sounds, Rantoul IL. Musicians:Anika Balaconis — trumpet, organ, vocals, percussion, synthesizer.Joshua Dumas — vocals, words, guitar, percussion, bells.Jason Eckerson — bass, vocals, percussion, mandolin.Robbie Hamilton — drums, vocals, piano, percussion, bells.Whitney Johnson — viola, organ, vocals, accordion, percussion, violin.