Principles of Modelling [LCL05]

The Model

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Released Nov 25, 2010
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One thing The Model manages to do is keep people guessing. Just when you thought you’d pinned him down to some convenient pigeonhole, he somehow manages to jack-knife his way out of it. Need proof? Look no further than his latest EP, “The Principles of Modelling”.
First up is the standout track, “I Am Always on Your Mind”, built up of old-school sounds that offer more than a nod back to European proto-house producers from the late 70s. In amongst all that Kraut flavour, it’s a track that could well have been conjured up from the fevered brain of classical minimalists like Terry Riley. Think the Art Ensemble of Chicago jamming in a room stuffed with vintage synths, and your half way to the symphonic cacophony that the model tweaks and twists into a thing of beauty.
“Six Days of Heat” sees The Model’s showcasing his trademark dark, razor-cold electro sound that he’s known and loved for. With icy vocals supplied by My Favorite Robot from Toronto, this one’s a stone-cold killer packed with a tonne of Teutonic swagger, yet manages to be emotional; it’s the “cold flame”, as The Model likes to call it. For the purists among you there’s an instrumental version on the flip, bringing the hypnotic, cascading melodies that hold the track together to the forefront.
Heading out even further into the darker reaches of The Model’s mind is downright-filthy, stripped-back track “Catwalk Drama”: think of it as his own comeback at those ten-a-penny house tracks with obligatory faux-orgasmic overdubs.
Finally, “Damen” sees the Model team up with Bucharest’s very own Camil Dumitrescu. It’s a chugging freight train of a track that comes bellowing out of the night, horns blazing, only to vanish back into the blackness the way it came before you’ve chance to catch your breath. Packed with all the stopping power of a runaway juggernaut, this one’s a journey deep into the bowels of the beast.
These are The Model’s principles of modelling: the transformation needed to touch the Ultra Self. The transformation may be tough, dark and unexpected, yet equally captivating and rewarding.