The Missionary Position

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The Missionary Position plays an intoxicating blend of dark, dirty blues-rock, with ambient undertones and introspective lyrics that invite comparisons to The Doors, P.J. Harvey, Mark Lanegan, and Morphine. However, with one listen to Diamonds in a Dead Sky it is obvious that The Missionary Position has succeeded in defining a sound for themselves that is undeniably unique..... The Missionary Position was born out of frustration and boredom in the not so sunny city of Seattle Washington. After spending the better part of a decade as the “charismatic, cocksure centerpiece” in the swaggering rock ‘n roll band Post Stardom Depression, Jeff Angell found himself on Benjamin Anderson's porch eager to step over the threshold and into a new musical adventure. The two had recently reacquainted outside a notorious nightclub and after catching up, decided to work together on "Something.".... Diamonds in a Dead Sky is the result of that time and collaboration. It is a thrilling collection of songs, equally erotic, intelligent, haunting, and heartwarming. Recorded beautifully by Anderson; it is overflowing with hypnotic organs, sinister bass lines, savage guitars, and captivating vocals. An ambitious and innovative debut, Diamonds in a Dead Sky proves that The Missionary Position is capable of drifting through musical genres effortlessly and without sacrificing a feel that is both genuine and specific..... Lyrically, Diamonds in a Dead Sky is an intense and intimate reflection of the urban underbelly from which it spawned. Throughout characters are tortured by forgotten lovers, addictions, the authorities and the eternal question. On "All My Mistakes" Angell laments "There used to be something you liked about me / I remember when looking you in the eye was easy." In "The Big Sleep" he confesses "I love my government as much as they love me," and during "Here Comes the Machine" he predicts that "They'll be giving us away for nothing / when we run out of gasoline." .... Rarely does a singer possess both the voice and the poetic ability to put it to good use. Angell is an exception. He has been accused of “reminding would-be rockers what a front man’s role is,” nominated for best male vocalist in the Seattle Weekly, and compared to some of the best of our time. The appeal of his voice is both alluring and abrasive, characterized by the urgency one would expect from a seasoned soloist in a Southern Baptist Church..... Other notable musicians that contributed to Diamonds in a Dead Sky are monster drummer Kennedy James, who has also kept time for the legendary George Clinton, drummer/entrepreneur Nabil Ayers (the Long Winters) and the talented Gregor Lothian on saxophone..... There is a common thread that runs through The Missionary Position’s cinematic debut. It is as apparent in the relentless barnburner "Let's start a Fire" as it is in the haunting gospel of "All My Mistakes." That thread is “soul,” which is a quality that can’t be manufactured..... ..PRAISE FOR THE MISSIONARY POSITION.... “A particularly dirty brand of rock and roll: the kind found in vinyl collections alongside classics such as the Doors - Dirty but intelligent” -Lauren Napier.... “The Missionary Position, has the ability to make the knees of every chick in town with questionable morals quiver.” - Matt Driscoll.... “Angell sings with soul-flavored swagger that’s akin to a young Robert Plant. Paying homage to the seedier sides of life - cheap sex, doomed relationships and murderous intentions.” –Ernest Jasmin.... “Thrillingly dark, melodic alt rock.”.... “Urgently sexual music…. Undeniable!”.... “Angell reminds would-be rockers what a front-mans role is”.... “Melodically dark, texturally rich hard rock”.... “Jeff Angell has a rough-hewn edge to his voice - one that, given a couple years and some harrowing near-death experiences, could land somewhere near Mark Lanegan's” -- via MySpace