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Bruwynn by The Mind Orchestra

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Producer: Nick Gent
This music is a Druid medicine song, an interspecies collaboration with sounds created by an Oak tree interspersed with Human instrumentation. The journey started with a walk in the forest to find a tree that wanted to collaborate with me for this healing music. I was drawn to approach an
Oak tree that came to be to me affectionately known as Bruwynn. After a few weeks of sitting with the tree, connecting and making friends with it, I began a series of six sessions to record the Oak tree sounds. As the months passed the music began to take shape, and I set about supplementing the recording with various voices, sounds and instrumentation made right there in the forest beside the tree. As the music grew, so too did our friendship and appreciation for what we were creating together. The composition was then enhanced even further by the beautiful contributions of the other musicians that gave their hearts and souls to this music. The tree and I set the intention to create a healing song for people to journey and meditate with. For me this music enters the magical realm of multi dimensional interspecies communication and collaboration. The message of this music that the tree and I wanted to communicate, if anything, is how everything is interconnected without separation. To open up the loving space to listen to one another, and hear the possibilities that grow from that soil of understanding. Our roots entwined and connected. Bruwynn is an alchemical symphony fusing ambient experimentalism, sound healing and shamanic approaches to composition. This track has been mixed and recorded in 3D audio, and while every attempt has been made to craft something that sounds good on different devices, it is best appreciated wearing headphones. Around 50 percent of the sounds you hear in the music are made by the Oak Tree. Credits : Bruwynn the Oak Tree : Oak Voices Nick Gent - Producer, Voice, Flute, Guitars, Synths and Sounds Clíodhna Ní Aodáin : Cello, Voices Heather Stogsdill : Voices Yumeera Kachai : Voices Alexhol : Voices Naomi Cornock : Album Artwork Nick Burchall : Mastering at Audio Animals Ltd ''My life is a tree Yoke fellow of the earth; pledged By roots too deep for remembrance To stand hard against the storm To fill my place. (But high in the branches of my green tree there is a wild bird singing: Wind-free are the wings of my bird: She hath built no mortal nest.)'' from the Tree by KARLE WILSON BAKER



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