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The Lowdown
ACTIVE:1997 - 2003

The Lowdown is a Santa Cruz band that formed in 1997. The band consists of Hugh Holden (guitar/vox), Josh Alper (keyboards/vox), and Noel Von Harmonson (drums). The band did not break up, but they have not played a show since 2003. Their last Santa Cruz show was on October 24, 2003 at Close To Too Much Fun as part of the Big Bang 2003. Noel is currently focusing his attention on Comets on Fire, while Hugh and Josh are working on Whysp.

Hugh and Josh met at UCSC during Hugh's freshman year. Hugh was living at Kresge College with some of Josh's friends from the previous year, with whom he was in a band called Love Story. After Love Story, Hugh and Josh put together various short-lived bands such as Narcist Mutherfukers, Make Fuck, and Josh & Hugh Make Fuck 1/2. During this time, Hugh spent nine months living in Olympia, Washington. During that time, he made a tape of tracks invloving Casio, guitar and karaoke jams. The tape proved to be the seed for the formation of the Lowdown.

The band is named after a 1997 Some Velvet Sidewalk EP called The Lowdown. The EP's title track describes community and loving music that is "raw and true," a sentiment Alper and Holden wanted reflected in their own band. Before deciding on The Lowdown as their name, they appeared one time on the radio as The Angries, a name they discarded because it was "somewhat angry".

Noel joined the band in 1998. He had moved to Santa Cruz "because of a girl" and ended up getting a job at Streetlight Records, where he met Hugh. They soon discovered a mutual love of "fucked up" music, and Noel became a fan of The Lowdown. When Hugh and Josh decided they wanted to add a drummer, for a bigger and louder sound, Noel filled the role. He did not have a drum set at the time and had to piece one together.

They played in the Big Bang 2000, Big Bang 2001, Big Bang 2002 and Big Bang 2003.





Revolver II
03. Big Man (03:15)


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