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 The Lothars (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


Lothars April, 1999. Photo by Diana Washburn
LOCATION:Somerville, MA
  • Jon B., Kris, Dean and Ramona
  • Jonny Spaceman
In July of 1996, Kris Thompson showed up for a barbecue at Jon Bernhardt's new home in Somerville, Massachusetts. Kris had played in several Boston area bands, including Nisi Period, Jasmine Love Bomb, and, most recently, Abunai!. Jon had been hosting a morning indie-rock program on MIT's community radio station
WMBR-FM since 1984. Between bites of his sausage sandwich, Jon mentioned to Kris that he had recently built a Theremin. "What a coincidence," replied Kris, "for I have recently built one too. Why, wouldn't it be fun if we found some other Thereminists and assembled a Theremin orchestra?" This idea was nearly forgotten until December of 1996, when Kris and Jon heard about a psychedelic music festival that was to take place in Providence, Rhode Island, the following April. Entitled Terrastock, it was a benefit for the British music magazine, Ptolemaic Terrascope. Both Kris and Jon were longtime fans of the magazine, so they figured that if they were ever going to attempt the Theremin project, Terrastock would be a good place to perform. Jon contacted the organizers who were so intrigued by the concept, that they immediately gave the guys a slot. Thus, Kris and Jon had booked their first gig before they even had a band! -Wobbly Music