The Joy Drops

A steady working live band. Old time, bluegrass, ragtime, early jazz. Hybrid of a bluegrassy string act w/ brass.

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Not Drunk (26-track EP) 2015 - Album
Joyful drops of sound 2013 Trio EP with trumpet+mando front line, string bass and reso guitar rhythm section. The package…



dblicher Apr 23, 2019

Love your stuff! I chose Not Drunk (no vocals) for my podcast about a farm. Thank you!

MissBehexed Oct 29, 2018

This is fantastic! I plan on using this in my Desert Larking videos on YouTube. I will tag you in it. Thank you for the awesome ear tunes.

retep drachra Oct 06, 2016

Fantastic stuff...lets hope you guys do more...

AsSoupAsPossible Feb 29, 2016

I used this track as a background for a spicy recipe and it was a perfect complement to the rest of the ingredients. Thank you for sharing your music!