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 The Jowe Head Band (1 Albums, 11 Tracks)


Jowe Head
  • Jowe Head (guitar, vocals), Lisa Siegel (drums), Bill Berger(guitar), and Brian Turner (bass)
  • Swell Maps, Television Personalities
I still occasionally (well, very occasionally) step out of my role as cubicle drone and Suburban Dad to make an artistic contribution to the world, and I'm pleased and proud to say that I'll be playing guitar for a series of performances this week with the great Jowe Head. I
first met Jowe by way of a live interview on my WFMU show in 1993, where I gave lame, super-casual interview (as was my "style" in the day) and Jowe proceeded to capsize the station's little wheezing chord organ, then rendering an impromptu performance of the song "Shiny Black Shirt," later immortalized on the Upsalapalooza compilation CD.  Jowe's mid-90s tours with the Television Personalities provided sweet entertainment and some post- and pre-gig opportunities for further socialization.  When the call came out in early 1996 to play a series of NYC shows with Jowe, I was more than ready.  I am eternally indebted to Hamish Kilgour and Lisa Siegel for this opportunity; a chance meeting with Hamish at WFMU's last record fair led to the current arrangement.  My long-time association with the station strikes again!  Jowe, as many of you know, was a founding member of the legendary Swell Maps (along with the brothers Epic Soundtracks and Nikki Sudden, sadly both no longer with us, and Richard Earl aka Bgls), blazing icons of the UK post-punk era, a "cross between Can and T.Rex" put simply, who created 2 brilliant studio LPS, a double LP of live sessions and jams, and several dynamite singles, all originally for the Rough Trade label (reissues and compilations available on Secretly Canadian, Alive, Munster and Overground.)  Jowe has gone on to front or contribute to a great many projects (The Palookas, Televison Personalities and The Househunters, to name only a few; Jowe currently fronts Angel Racing Food), as well as squeeze out a few unforgettable solo LPs, in particular 1986's Strawberry Deutsche Mark (tracks available on the Unhinged CD on Overground.) -Bill Berger (Beware of the Blog)