The Insider

The Insider is a hiphop music project led by Jonah Dempcy.

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All's Fair in Love of Wax 2010 - Album
The debut album from The Insider runs the gamut of instrumental hiphop, from chillout tracks to electro breaks scratch-athons.



koreanderkult Jul 25, 2016

Hey Jonah, is there a way to license one of your songs without showing the CC reference? I have a client who is interested. Best, Jonathan

Sonofsam9975 Nov 07, 2014

The insider is a sick track.....i found out about you while watching a click on CT Fletcher channel

franzfuls Nov 26, 2013

very creative sounds! I used your music here: Thank you for sharing

yodog Jul 15, 2013

Def gonna use some of your stuff. Awesome work, dude.