The Hussy

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"Two-piece piss and vinegar rock and roll out of Madison, WI. Formed during the sweltering summer of 2008. They're not smarter than you, and they won't pretend they are. Influences include: guns, Black Time, Jay Reatard, The Stooges, Cheap Time, Electric Eels, Puppy Bowl, The Mystery Girls, Matt Joyce, ant collecting, Culver's tuna melt basket, theremins, Mtn. Dew, The Pons, Mediterranean Cafe, Smith Westerns, basement shows and the like.
The Hussy's new split 7-inch with Sleeping in the Aviary on Science of Sound, released March 27, 2009, sports scenic sounds and child-like minimalist tunes. You need to own this piece of American history.
"The Hussy produce good time rock ‘n’ roll, as if the sixties never happened, and it’s enjoyable stuff... Male and female vocalists alternate, and sometimes combine, to great effect. The guitars, meanwhile, sound jagged, fun and like the real thing, so far removed from much of today’s clean cut guitar sound." Skankin D, Punk Or Nothing
"If anyone's qualified to help Madison audiences bash away a few brain cells, it's Heather Sawyer and Robert Wegner...Their new band, The Hussy, collides Wegner's garage-rock riffage, Sawyer's considerable drum-pummeling skills, and playfully obnoxious vocals from both." - The Onion, 2008
"A two piece from Madison calling themselves “the Hussy” made themselves known at the Frequency and man, it didn’t take long to have the beats beating a pulp of real raw rawkkkkk! Armed with a vexing guitar and a banger of earthshaking booms on drums, the Hussy brought back the short catchy hard hitting feeling I first remember when trying out heavy sounding underground sounds. I felt like I was back at CBGB’s getting a taste of what the others have been trying to make happen." - Mister G, Green Arrow Radio, June 2008"