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 The Harrow (1 Albums, 5 Tracks)


  • Vanessa Irena- vocals, synth
  • Frank Deserto- bass, synth, machines
  • Barrett Hiatt- synth, programming
  • Greg Fasolino- guitar
Like the Kafka story that inspired their name, Brooklyn post-punk/dream pop band The Harrow walk a fine line between the alluring and the surreal. Driving, club-centric electronics nestle against lush organic instrumentation, woven with vivid songcraft. The result is a hauntingly familiar sound that is never complacent in scope.  The
Harrow’s hazy origins date back to 2008, when multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and music blogger Frank Deserto sat down with a series of drum machines to create a handful of demos inspired by his passionate love of underground music and bleak literature. The band came to fruition in early 2013 with the addition of Greg Fasolino on guitar, Barrett Hiatt on synth, and Vanessa Irena on vocals, culminating in the release of their self-titled EP in October 2013. A vinyl split single on German coldwave label aufnahme+wiedergabe is due in early spring.