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 The Guts (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


  • Alex, Philip, Nick
We are living in a digital age… What was initially started as homage to Stiff Little Fingers and Newtown Neurotics slowly morphed into the musical beast that is poised to strike at you today. Founded in 2010, without name, by Brian andother local NYC/Brooklyn musicians, it wasn’t until 2011 that
the concept of the group began to fullymaterialize. After constant line-up changes, firing of drummers, and kicking out multiple bass playersAlex came in to hold the beat and The Guts were formed. After a year of jamming and recording a demoas a duo (Rockers 2012) The Guts recruited Phil to play bass and round out the rhythm section. The bandbegan playing shows shortly thereafter debuting live at local bar Tommy’s Tavern with Wild Child,Pig DNA, and In School. Nick was recruited to play second guitar after the band’s infamous second gigwhere Phil was blackout drunk and couldn’t play, Alex’s drums fell over, and Brian attacked the soundperson with the band playing a whopping three song set before storming off stage. Nick was thought tobe a perfect fit for the band. After another year of playing and writing The Guts will be recording songsfor their debut LP (tentatively titled ‘Altamont’) in April 2013 which will be recorded by the equallyinfamous Kyle Keays-Hagerman (The Men, Ylajali, Survival).   In an increasingly over-saturated consumerist culture it is hard to tell what is pure; it begins to feel as ifeveryone is trying to kill you; it is unbelievable to say you have not been affected by the billions of piecesof information being thrown at you daily. The Guts’ are a testament to total freedom without destroyingothers, a willingness to not give into mob mentality, the black sheep in a flock led to slaughter. Rockers2012. Rockers 2013. Rockers forever.