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LOCATION:San José, Costa Rica
The Great Wilderness is a dream rock band from San José, Costa Rica , influenced by british post-punk and alternative rock. The initial lineup was formed in 2009 when Paola Rogue (vox, guitar) and Andrea San Gil (drums) decided to carry on after the split of their previous act, Lolita
Piñata. They were soon joined by Monserrat Vargas (bass), who had played with Paola in previous projects years back. After spending the first part of the year practicing and crafting songs, they started playing in several local venues such as El Cuartel, Latino Rock and El CENAC, amongst others. The group was joined by Jimena Torres as a second guitar in 2010. With their lineup finally complete, they set on to record and release their first EP titled Afterimages of Glowing Visions, a semi-conceptual work based on a post-apocalyptic dream that leads to the discovering of one’s inner world.