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 The Endtables (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


LOCATION:Louisville, Kentucky

The March 18th 2011 SXSW show was the first in 25 years from these Louisville punk legends, and the Drag City compilation of their EP/singles/live stuff from '79 came out a couple years ago and was #1 on FMU's heavy airplay list (as was the Bold Beginning comp, which retraced the steps of the Kentucky punk/new wave scene the Endtables shared with the likes of Babylon Dance Band, No Fun, Blinders, and Malignant Growth. "Trick Or Treat" is as historically important as "Nervous Breakdown" without question, the Endtables neatly sewed together detached art-punk, DIY aesthetic and Radio Birdman/Stooges buzzsawing. -Brian Turner / WFMU, March 2011


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