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The Crypts!
LOCATION:Fredericksburg, VA 22401
ACTIVE:2008 - 2016
  • Mike Tschirn: Drumbeats & Hugs
  • Kristin "Monster Rock" Tschirn: Git-box & Attitude
  • Nathaniel Miller: Harmonica & PBR's
  • Craig Graziano: Vocals & Useless Trivia
  • Poseur Bill, Millionaire Reverends, The Points, The Little Black Clouds, Humungo Ginormous, Monster
Creating garage rock so potent that you might pass out from the gasoline fumes, The Crypts write songs about food, monsters, and science. This trash-troupe was born and mutated from the same Fredericksburg, VA streets where rock pioneer Link Wray invented the power chord. They have devoted their existence to
paying that invaluable debt. Listen and enjoy.

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