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 The Coathangers (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:Atlanta, Georgia
  • Crook Kid Coathanger: vocals, guitar
  • Minnie Coathanger: vocals, bass
  • Rusty Coathanger: vocals, drums
Be leery of any punk band with initial ambitions that go beyond just playing shows with their friends. Sure, great bands ascend beyond basements and handmade demos all the time, but the best acts start with little consideration for the outside world. The groups are their own insular worlds, where the reward comes from the process, not accolades and riches. And the bands that thrive on their own artistic satisfaction usually wind up being the bands that are able to grow beyond the donation jar into sustainable successful musical careers. Their charisma is contagious, their songs exist outside of fads,
and their spirits can weather the inevitable ups and downs of life as touring musicians. Such is the case with the Atlanta trio The Coathangers.  (