Kali Yuga Has Come

The Carbon Manual

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Released Dec 13, 2015
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  “The Carbon Manual is pretty brilliant, an artistic and enlightened psychedelic adventure. Their music will be viewed as refreshingly advanced and surprisingly accessible for those able to appreciate it.” Marty Thau, Red Star Records.    The Carbon Manual is a Bristol-based Krautrock'n'roll trio combining the talents of Iain Weir (guitars, machines and music), Clifford Gee (bass and music) and Jeremy Gluck (words and voice) to create a soul-piercing sound. Formed after a chance meeting between Weir, Gee and Gluck when the latter Barracudas singer had been performing solo, The Carbon Manual had its genesis in an informal intention to create one song. The instant and innovative nature of the work produced led to début album “When I Am Memory” combining intense spoken word with organic rock mantra into an unusual and penetrating field of melody and ambience.   Featuring Jeremy Gluck, whose career with The Barracudas has created a legend that has since spawned critically-acclaimed solo work (notably the legendary cult album on Flicknife with Nikki Sudden and Rowland S Howard, ‘I Knew Buffalo Bill’) - and the core duo Weir and Gee, accomplished journeymen of the garage-psych scene, The Carbon Manual is no ordinary proposition, with exceptional words wed to hypnotic barrages of music and unpredictable beats that evoke everything from Leonard Cohen to Suicide and Slint.  The Carbon Manual have taken their touchy-feely soundscape live and played to aplomb and some amazement.  "Go and see The Carbon Manual live...make sure you find a way to see this deliriously odd 3-piece. Their records are fine and all, but they lack the visceral impact of Jeremy Gluck's serial killer stage presence, the disarmingly tinny drum machine beat (a sound that recalls Throbbing Gristle in their 20 Jazz Funk Greats pomp) and the sense that the group has manifested in our reality from the Black Lodge. Barking poetry over guitar drones, they're immediately arresting and totally freaking brilliant.” Clash Magazine Oct. 2011  "Some pretty deep and philosophical modulation going on there. From the point of view of the vocals, if Jack Kerouac hadn't passed on earlier or if Jim Morrison hadn’t been such a ham-fisted poet perhaps, perhaps The Doors would have been a bit more like The Carbon Manual. There is some kind of aware and exploratory philosophical modernisation of the Velvet Underground going on there...Very, very good indeed, great depth to it, they are songs of experience and that shines through...Wonderful, wonderful lyrics.” Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales.     Proudly presented by suRRism-Phonoethics.