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 The Bristles (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


Live at the Meatlocker, photo by Otto Yamamoto
LOCATION:Montclair, NJ
  • -Ryan no-name Coketiger- Bass
  • -Asshole Aaron Obnoxious - Vocals
  • -(handsome) Greazy Tony nyc - Guitar/vocals
  • -Jenny oooo - Guitar/vocals
  • -boom bap - drums
SUMMERTIME in backwoods New Jersey circa 1991, while most people were out working their dead end jobs and kissing boss’ ass to make ends meet, or unlike most “normal” kids who were going to theme parks and toxic waste beaches, there stood four disenfranchised, pissed off and bored teenagers, Aaron
(vocals), Andy (guitar), Sean (bass) and Mike (drums). With nothing better to do besides partying on dead end streets, local vandalism, and minimum wage enslavement, they decide to form a punk band. Not because they thought they could actually play but to destroy a local club- just because it was there. Frustration fueled by cheap instruments and teen angst spawned The Bristles.(Bristles Myspace)