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  • Jesse Zuretti
  • Umar Fahim
  • Michael Apprich
Today’s death metal landscape is littered with bands who fancy themselves progressive and/or technical, but The Binary Code manage to do both in a way that’s creative and full of soul with nary a breakdown in sight. Guitarist Jesse Zuretti’s jazz-inspired compositions set the toe, but the band never loses focus on that most important of musical units, the almighty song.Call it “a progressive metal space odyssey,” call it “tech-death with soul,” The Binary Code is a collective of true musicians immersed in their art. Reflecting a vast spectrum of influences, from Genesis to Suffocation to Cave In, the shape-shifting
band has set the standards for years within the New Jersey underground, driven by a lust for musical freedom and a sheer dedication to its craft.Self-described by guitarist and founder Jesse Zuretti as a “constant, ever-evolving mass of music,” The Binary Code began its ascent in 2004. Like a storm brewing gradually before unleashing all hell, the band has toiled away -- honing its dazzling live attack by opening for the likes of Between The Buried And Me, Decapitated, Necrophagist, and The Red Chord, and recording demos with some of metal’s most prolific producers, including Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Nile) and Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin (Converge, Deadguy).Citing “the precision, soul, musical prowess and astonishing power of their live show,” online metal mecca stepped up in 2009 and opted to digitally release The Binary Code’s first full-length, Suspension of Disbelief --’s first-ever release. A full 30-date US tour with Revocation followed.The Code’s new EP, Priest, sees the band once again resetting the bar for the progressive as well as the aggressive. Zuretti, drummer Umar Fahim, and vocalist Michael Apprich reach new heights, unfettered by any rules. Priest is a transcendent musical statement -- equally ripping, anthemic, and honest. Brooding post-rock flows seamlessly into apocalyptic shred; death metal onslaughts are delivered with jazz fusion finesse. The sound is warm and real throughout (excluding a bonus “8-bit version” of the title track!) Lyrics, much like the music, speak of a search for freedom against all odds: “I will not follow, nor will I kneel.”The Priest EP was recorded by Paulie Cutri at String Theory Studios, and mixed and mastered by Jesse Zuretti. The Binary Code is currently making plans for its next US tour, with East Of The Wall’s Brett Bamberger now on board as live bassist.(written by Curran Reynolds)


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