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 That Crooner from Nowhere (1 Albums, 14 Tracks)


LOCATION:Europe > Spain > Barcelona
from Bandcamp profile: That Crooner from Nowhere is my solo vocal project. This project is heavily inspired in acapella music, beatboxing and overdubbing techiques but also opened to sampling, sound manipulation and the use of electronics as a vehicle to express this vocal madness. from official website: Welcome! My name
is Al Da Tosta and I do music using only my voice and my computer. That Crooner from Nowhere started in 2007 but was not until 2009 that Ableton appeared in my life allowing me to loop my voice and use FX on the fly. After experimenting a bit I was able to record the albumThis is Vocaltronica! The sounds are inspired in beatboxing, acapella and electronic music and other styles. Using MIDI controllers and overdubbing techniques I sample my voice with FX that help me to manipulate my voice live and create music instantly. Kampai!