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 Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers (1 Albums, 2 Tracks)


They don't do murder ballads, they do murder boogies.The Shack*Shakers play fried country rock and roll my friends, and they take the stage with an energy and passion that runs circles around all but the most earnest of hardcore bands. They dip into the darker reaches of American music only
to further sully songs of murder and mayhem with a brush dipped in poison ... or blood.The Shack*Shakers eschew stale platitudes. Instead, they combine all that is scary and fun about the South (sideshows, folklore and murder ballads) and combine them in an adrenaline-fueled, super-human display of rock and roll heroism.Technically they are a four piece band with guitar (played by the wild-eyed Joe Buck (Hank III), stand up bass and a drummer not afraid to use a double bass pedal, but throw in the harp playing and stage antics of their wiry front man, Colonel J.D. Wilkes, and they pack a wallop that belies their relatively standard rock band lineup.If you're one inclined to stand near the stage, beware the sweat, spit and chest and southoftheborder hair you're likely going to get on you. It is a visceral experience.