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Released Mar 26, 2008
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"Somewhere in the forests, a very large, unhappy man sings solitary-gibberish in a Basso-Profundo infused with weeping. Suddenly his lonely world is invaded by an army of toasters, kettles, malfunctioning Turing machines determined to make music, and an army of Gamelan instruments falling uncomfortably from the sky. Initially uncomfortable with the intrusion, the big sad singing man eventually settles into a kind of unity with his invaders, and every night they sing together until the sun comes up.This is what I presume Tep has recorded, using only the best field-recording equipment, for this new release on Proot.The bee and bear on the cover are, as far as I know, the arch-nemesi (if "nemesi" is the plural of "nemesis", because it certainly isn't "nemesises") of the big singing man, on a mission to halt the barmy-mechanical-sphere-music on offer here - let us hope they never succeed, trapped, as they are, within a JPEG." e. phizmiz