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What the NRPG Did For Me by Ten and Tracer

Album Description

The word "Tsotsitaal" means "criminal language," but the music couldn't be more distant from such. Tsotsitaal is a collection of soft drones and patient textures sourced from old synths, tapes, violin, acoustic guitar, flute, broken music boxes and field recordings. Each source has been carefully manipulated in a variety of
ways. Some were subjected to deconstruction and wearing using reels and recorders, sound-on-sound layering, microphone mischief and the like. Others were sent through Ten and Tracer's collection of home-made Reaktor patches and a cascade of other novel digital processes all performed live. Each session resulted in dozens of layers (and hours) which were then edited down and detailed. The sound is almost wholly organic in nature, reflective and meditative. It is a bath of pleasantries with a distinct opiate sensibility. Calm and warm. Deeply personal and full of heart.-Read More at the website for Tsotsitaal



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