Live at WFMU on The Long Rally 6/17/2009

Telluric Currents Series Preview

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Released Jun 17, 2009
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A preview to the Telluric Currents Series happening at Ibeam in Brooklyn June 19th-21st, we'll be laying down an improv jam sesh/battle royale with Matt Bauder (bass clarinet &amp; sax), Aaron Siegel (percussion), Katherine Young (bassoon), Alex Chechile (electronics), Woody Sullender (banjo) and Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet), playing in different formations and combos, solo, duo, and who knows what else.

-Scott McDowell1.) Matt Bauder, electronics; Alex Chechile, electronics, Aaron Siegel, percussion
Engineered by Sean Austin. 
Matt Bauder, sax; Jeremiah Cymerman, clarinet, Katherine Young, bassoon. 
Woody Sullender, banjo; Jeremiah Cymerman, clarinet; Alex Chechile, modular synth. 
4.) Matt Bauder, sax, Aaron Siegel, percussion, Katherine
Young, bassoon, Alex Chechile, electronics, Woody Sullender, banjo, and
Jeremiah Cymerman, clarinet.


Scott McDowell


Sean Austin