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 Tantrums (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


"Colourful triptychs of melancholy melodies collide with frosty drum machine ticks and rainbows of atmospherics layered upon eachother. The imploding sound cleverly dubbed “midi-evil disco” is the creation of Melbourne’s T A N T R U M S; Jade McInally (vocals/guitar/keys), Sarah Phelan (keys/production/programming) and John Nguyen (keys/synths/programming). Taking the
moodiness and bleak aura of Joy Division, extracting the relative revelations of PiL, and the subtleties of entirely their own doing, they have stumbled upon the makeup of a greatly unique and intriguing band. Like abstract symphonies soundtracking an art school thriller film instilled with the tribal percussion of Telepathe and the airy eeriness of The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, the output of this relatively new band has been documented some, and they’re currently recording some more. Keep your eyes and ears open for their upcoming releases, they’re bound to be interesting."- Sarah Gooding, Einstein Music Journal


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