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Killing My Time by TIGERBERRY

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The first band’s full-length album was compiled from the original songs captured between 2009 and 2012. It depicts the development of their distinctive sound and the starting point. The title "Spirit Kit" shows the idea behind the recording: each song itself is a key to a particular spiritual mood. The soundscape was designed in a very spontaneous and natural way. Nobody planned to release this record, and yet it became the organic 8 track statement that had been gathered from a vast band’s catalogue of singles, outtakes and demos. Serious changes and re-recordings were excluded on purpose to deliver the
purest feel and tension behind the music. Remastered by the wizard from Binomial Records. The beauty of layering and reserved power reveals itself in an unexpected way through repeated listening.    Vladimir Berlizev - Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Sampling & Programming Andrey Teterlev - co-producer, mixing & mastering (Binomial Records) Artwork by Vadi Tkachev (Apteque Studio)   Join Us!



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