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Ride and Fly by Tab & Anitek

Album Description

Producer: Tab & Anitek
Engineer: Tab & Anitek
Tab & Anitek: Traveling in Stereo "Traveling in Stereo" is the brand new release from Tab & Anitek.  It was created in little over a month.  The production was handled by Anitek once again with the lyrics and melodies written by Tab.  Elle Rose also returns to lend her voice
for backup vocals and beautiful harmonies.  Although this album was created by the same team that brought you "Chasing Rabbits" it is a complete departure from their last release.  "Chasing Rabbits" was the bad trip, it was dark and heavy.  This album is a complete 180 from that.  It is upbeat,witty and sarcastic.  Mixing elements of all different genres of music "Traveling in Stereo" lives up to its name and takes the listener on a ride that goes wherever you want it to...



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