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Proximity Mine by Tab & A.U.R.C.

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Producer: Tab & A.U.R.C
Engineer: Tab & A.U.R.C
 The duo of Tab and A.U.R.C'S debut is simply, "soul music for the searching soul." Together, they take us on a whiskey walk through old neighborhoods of organ keys,midnight-black guitars and gray-scaled-rhyme patterns that flourishes-everything together from pounding-break beat rhythms to delicate string placements,making it feel like Charles Bukowski and
Lord Finesse sat down together and made a personal "cd manifesto" on how to find something sacred in the every-day ordinary. In this ethereal sonic landscape,the detailed Gothic underpinnings of Nick Cave come alive in Tab and A.U.R.C'S collaboration,weaving together with the gritty rawness of Black Moon,until the Shaman-like Junk-Folk luminary Tom Waits conjures the late spirit of Big L and D.I.T.C in a spit-fire of abrasiveness that is reminiscent of early 90's Sub Pop Records genius, creating a brilliantly manufacturer-ed, Pollock-esque layering,that after 10 tracks,becomes a classic painted in sound...   Video for "The Stattic"



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