THF Drenching

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THF Drenching is a free improvisor and composer of musique concrète, based in Manchester, England. 
As a dictaphone-player, he was one fifth of Derek Bailey's final band Limescale, and has played with many of the UK's best improvisors.  He was also half of the bricks and dictaphone duo Pleasure-Drenching Improvers.  As a poet (writing under his government name, Stuart Calton) he's published four books.  Three came out on Barque Press and one is self-published.  His fifth and sixth are awaiting publication. 
As a composer, he's completed sixteen and a half albums of musique concrète, electronic music and various dubious overdubbed semi-improvised amalgams.  Most of these have been on sale at Fenland Hi-Brow Recordings for years, but are now being made freely available on Free Music Archive instead.  I'm supposed to be a Communist after all.  Plus there's a recession on, right?  Is your Moms sending you money? 
But the rest, right, are now PHYSICAL OBJECTS on Council of Drent ( These new ones are called "Whole Head Spring Finch", "Doomed Shop! (Part One)", "Cup Penis Open Penis Cup" and the various artists' Jeff Keen tribute joint "Cut Up... Melt Down... Respray!!".  Buy everything.  TAKE THAT AND PARTY.