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1040 Kilo-Jules Of Blocksidge (Live) by THF Drenching

Album Description

Producer: THF Drenching
Engineer: THF Drenching
Featuring DAVID DOBSON as THF Drenching!The opening 11 tracks comprise "Accident Consultancy Live": percussion improvisations recorded at work in an open plan office in Salford, with the mic in the in-tray.  Drenching, like everyone else, plays himself.The closing 11 tracks comprise "Accident Consultancy Undead": re-composed musique concrete versions of the
percussion tracks which retain the original rhythms, but  replace all the sounds.  This time David Dobson plays Drenching, and Drenching plays everyone else.Like a ‘Corporate Surveillance Live’ for the 22nd Century, like a ‘Godot’ for the 1590's, like 2 LPs on 1 CD-R, Drenching returns, call central collegiates in tow, to serve up a fucking slice of non-fault accident assistance life, rare and still bloody, the torn metal tent-pegged to the bare bone. A veritable mattress of mobile estimates, trapped partaway 'twixt the fabled Archive Series and a micro-investment of unforgiving wave-labour. Dobson drags out his best Lotte Lenya, displaying considerable gumption in the teeth of crushing odds. Chaos instead of music, Trotskyist wrecking, the very non plus ultra of insipidity, the true face of Social Realism at the twilight of the information age, call it what you like, this shit is fucking molten fax-transmission broken down, boy, in its purest form.



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