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 TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (1 Albums, 2 Tracks)


  • Nick Myer - Songwriter/Composer/Keys/programming/Character Acted Male Voice/"Electromagnetic " Robot Voice
  • C: Female Voice/Vocals
'TARGETED INDIVIDUALS' This is a One Song 2 Mix EP Album Project (so far) Created by Songwriter/Producer Nick Myer, also the creator of AGENDA 23. That's me.. This project is dedicated to all the 'TARGETED INDIVIDUALS' out there who suffer horrific symptoms induced via electromagnetic waves and other energy. It all sounds a little Sci-Fi and 'tinfoil hat' but this is a reality in the world today.. People are being covertly harmed via technology, deliberately. I should know, as have been at the receiving end of this for many years... So take my word for it.. Its real. As real
as 5G and as real as Electronic Warfare. On a lighter note this EP is for entertainment purposes too of course..So enjoy..and thanks for listening/downloading. Use the tracks for any purpose, commercial or non commercial. Only requirements are the credits. Spread far and wide..