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 Suppression (7 Albums, 14 Tracks)


ACTIVE:1992 - 2036
  • Jason Hodges- bass, vocals.
  • Ryan Parrish- drums.
Formed in Roanoke, VA in 1992 with many records and tours transpiring throughout the 90s with various line-ups. In 2000 Suppression was relocated to Richmond, VA and scaled down to a 2-piece with Jason Hodges on bass/vocals and Ryan Parrish on drums. Many records and tours have also transpired. In 2016, the "Rats In The Control Room" cassette, split tape with ENERGUMENO (Spain), and "Oblivion Riders" cassettes have been released on CHAOTIC NOISE PRODUCTIONS. Split tapes with Miami's BLACK JAIL and CONFLATION (VA) and a split 7 inch with SEDEM MINUT STRACHU are coming soon. THE ROBOTS ALREADY WON....
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