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Sunsearcher Spirit by Sunsearcher

Album Description

Released:July 20th, 2009



Sunsearcher Spirit
01. Movie Rhythm1 (03:12)
02. Dance Rhytm1 (02:50)
03. Brazilian Rhythm (04:06)
04. Ambient Cool (03:25)
05. Flamenco Rhythm (01:44)
07. Latin Rhythm (02:35)
08. Movie Rhythm2 (02:48)

Sunsearcher Spirit by Sunsearcher is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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dragonfly111cute on 04/24/14 at 03:52PM
I used a few of you songs on a video I made you can see it here I attributed you to this work and gave your website to purchase and I thought this was CC SHareAlike and I ment no copyright infringement against you and you creation of music which is great btw. AdRev has now flagged my video because of you song and I would hate have to change the you believe I infringe on your rights? if so I will remove it but for now I am disputing this claim on my video. you can watch here you music comes in after I am done reading all I was doing was added you beats to my photo's after reading a poem
Sunsearcher Spirit by Sunsearcher is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
Purchase at: Jamendo
dragonfly111cute on 04/24/14 at 04:00PM
your songs start at 4:42 of the video you should be able to see here
dragonfly111cute on 04/24/14 at 04:04PM
please let me klnow if I used your work wrong I even read all the cc license information and thought I was good
dragonfly111cute on 04/24/14 at 05:15PM
I have also tried to tip you many times but it just will not let me!
05 on 08/05/16 at 07:31AM
Dragonfly. I had the same problem. I spent ages editing my video to sync with Flamenco Rhythm and then uploaded it to Youtube, with the correct attributions etc. I hadn't even published it and I received a Copyright notice! I shan't be using any more stuff from FMA in future as I have better things to do in my life than waste my time.
cheyenne_h on 08/06/16 at 12:52AM
Apologies - it's best to contact the artist about these issues, rather than FMA. We can't do anything about the copyright notices.
cricogo on 05/26/18 at 02:16AM
hi, i Video producer..have one short, i want use your track, movie Rhythm2, how buy this, for comercial festivals..for festivals...
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