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SONG 3 - DEBU by Summons of Shining Ruins

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Bird Requiem
Bird Requiem
There is the very real sense, when listening to this recording, of something kodak-moment-warm happening - someone smiling on the beach - just beyond a layer of TV static, or dirty glass. This is the project of prolific Japanese recording artist Shinobu Nemoto, working with broken reel-to-reels, pedals, electric guitar,
field recordings and - vehemently - no computers (alghouth computers got us here now, didn't they?). Bird Requiem definitely recalls the sound of William Basinki's Disintegration Loops, but there's something more - the sound of a clear electric guitar gives these recordings a warmer, more human sort of presence. This record and a few other releases from Nemoto were featured on Resting Bell Records, a netlabel worth investigating.