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 Summons of Shining Ruins (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


Summons of Shining Ruins
  • Shinobu Nemoto
Summons of Shining Ruins is one alias of Shinobu Nemoto, A prolific ambient musician from Japan who vehemently refuses to use computers while in the process of recording. Utilizes old reel-to-reels, broken electronics, field recordings, and an electric guitar to make eerie, dusty swaths of sound. His own description from
his website is worth reading: "I worked with a lot of analog equipment, make experimental music with a guitar, recorded improvise sometimes. "Tape recorder and hard wear". I use them, (I do not use a PC for recording. My sound vibration is POST-BINARY/PC in at all) it's music breathes life and death. And I work under the following name."Summons of Shining Ruins" Possibility of electric guitar and magnetic tape attributes, sometimes focuses on a melody and my old memory. "Shinobu Nemoto" Due to the acoustic experiment, Field recording, Improvisation. "DARK SIDE OF THE AUDIO SYSTEM" is an experiment with a broken recorder and tape loops. I sincerely appreciate your interest and support. Kindest regards, Shinobu"


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