Str8 Sounds

Co-founder of Camouflage Danse -- a band that performed in NYC at the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn Academy of Culture and…

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vaspers Nov 13, 2010

That's fine. You are being overly gracious and I'd prefer a bit more get up and go downtrodden perfection in boisterous roiling and bespokening fabrication zones with leprous house dressing backlash debris antennae.

ivPodJohn Nov 06, 2010

I accidentally deleted my last post, sorry. I enjoy your music and used two tracks on my podcast. My podcast is non-profit, for my local community (actually not to far from you in Peoria). I just wanted to check in...

vaspers Aug 31, 2010

Itgpanik Wow thank you very much for your support and kindness. I'm glad you found my music worthy of radio play. :^)

ltgpanik Aug 25, 2010

Played yr music on the radio last week! Adorno is art indeed! Bestes from Brussels.