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Field and Track by Stormhat

Album Description

Stormhat — Field and Track
Released:November 1st, 2013

suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release this double set of Stormhat!

These pieces are all structured around field recordings from very different locations/spaces. The field recordings are being manipulated in quite a bit rudeness. Some of the original recorded sounds are being made by me as I in admittedly rather rudimentary ways make sounds from objects or record the dirty sounds of rustling, dripping, clanging or blowing. To these sounds are added a little filtering and discrete effects. I'm not interested in field recording per se but in the gritty sound world of the tactile world reconstructed in my imagination. I experience a trancelike stasis in these pieces which I enjoy and find exhilarating.

Stormhat is the artist/composer Peter Bach Nicolaisen from Jutland in Denmark.
He is teaching art at a art-architecture-design school and living there as well.
Stormhat enjoys cats, his garden, the weather, his family, consciousness, experimental pleasures, art, literature, sound.


‘Don ask yammered; one between one at this hail undress´-

why lesser, known the describe the more!’

-André Pissoir

Download from the IA as 320K MP3 incl. Cover & Info.



Field and Track
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