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Stickfigure is a live improv dance/destroy trio from Lakeland Florida.  Using samples from pop culture, big beats and bass with homemade instruments and highly effected guitars, Stickfigure creates a twisted carnival of dance beats, electronics, circuit bending & garbled spoken word.  Stickfigure originally formed in the early '90s and terrorized the central florida area with collisions of guitars, feedback and drum machines. Several years later the original members have formed again and evolution has only made them more dangerous.My first introduction to Stickfigure was their performance at the Saint Petersburg Noise Fest 3 in 2010.  While that performance was significantly less beat-driven due to the nature of the festival, they still created a raw and unique soundscape from homemade instruments such as the "zilstick", various electronics and endless stomp-boxes and guitar effects.  Since then I have had the opportunity to see them perform across the state and hear their sound refine itself.  The product of that refinement is Detonate, and I proudly bring it to you.Also, I should note that the cover and insert to Detonate were created using audio-data manipulation programs on the digital images, so the images themselves are "bent" like a lot of the hardware that Stickfigure uses to create its dark and twisted sound.

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