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Off to Work by Steve Combs

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Recorded and released a mere 4 days after "The Sun Is Rising", "Waking Up" was an interesting album for me. It is the closest I'll ever come to a concept album, but with instrumentals, the story is only told through the titles. I attempted, in my way, to capture the feelings a given person goes through over the course of a day, from waking up to, of course, going to sleep. With this reissue, some of the tracks have been moved around, so I've let go of the original concept somewhat. Listening to these hastily written songs that I barely
remember, I've realized that this album occupies a strange space for me. It still has some of the naivete and untested spirit of the first album, but started me moving towards more cohesive songs. It's certainly not the album I'm most proud of, but I'm definitely glad I made it. This re-release contains the original 7 tracks, 7 remixes, one non-album track, and 3 songs from the acoustic EP "Is OK". Over the coming months, I'll be re-releasing every one of my albums to celebrate one year of making music. I'll put up these new versions on the Free Music Archive every Monday afternoon through March and April, and they will appear in other places later in the week. The re-releases contain the original tracks, their remixes, and various non-album tracks that I've accumulated over the past year. This project is meant to streamline my discography and create a complete, definitive body of work. I hope you enjoy!



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