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52 Windows (Remix) by Steve Combs

Album Description

Released:June 7th, 2014

Yes! Two albums re-released in one week! A shocking affront to the status quo! How dare that Combs shove his atonal garbage down our throats!

I'm sorry everyone, but I realized that one album a week was just too slow a pace for my tiny attention span. Plus, "Orthorexia" was short. So here it is, the fourth album! "Carnival of Self-Pity" is, without a doubt, my favorite Steve Combs album, closely followed by "Theme Songs & Atom Bombs", which will be in your ears next week. I remember swearing to myself that this would actually be my last album, which seems shocking to me in retrospect, because I had so many more songs to write. Maybe not good ones, but songs nonetheless. But more about my hiatus next week.

"Carnival of Self-Pity" is, mostly, a very optimistic album. The triumphant sax that leads us into "Vibes", the simple melody of "Castle Jam", and the chilled out "Could Be Worse" all help to create, I think, an atmosphere of general happiness. "Gone" is a bit melancholy, but so is life, so there. I really enjoyed making this album, which is actually something I probably wouldn't say about any of the ones that came before it. I hope that shows. Anyway, this re-release is actually missing two of the original tracks, which were remixes of songs from "The Sun is Rising", and as such have been included there. Replacing them are "Run!" and "Killing Concepts", which sit alongside the original six, six remixes, the demo version of "Pop", and "Delaware". Please listen to it, or I will die.

Over the coming months, I'll be re-releasing every one of my albums to celebrate one year of making music. I'll put up these new versions on the Free Music Archive every Monday afternoon through March and April, and they will appear in other places later in the week.

The re-releases contain the original tracks, their remixes, and various non-album tracks that I've accumulated over the past year. This project is meant to streamline my discography and create a complete, definitive body of work.

I hope you enjoy!

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