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Stéphane Grare, born in a large family, is passionate about science and especially astronomy. In the north of France, after a tumultuous school years, it was at the age of fifteen that he began to write writings, which, like therapy, helped him to react to life that was already hard with him. He likes to shut himself up in his room, to escape the reality of a society that rejects him. Then the door of his dreams can open ... a whole symbol. In 1999, he released his first album "Sphere - Dream Universe", a genre of electronic music that
democratizes trance in France, this style of music having emerged in Germany in the early 1999s. This young musician goes even farther carrying the trance in another universe, that of dreams, its universe of youth. In 2000 and 2001, he released two Sphere 2 - Spherical Limit and Sphere 3 - End Of Spherical albums to make it a musical trilogy. In 2005, he released a new album "La Colère Du Ciel", in a completely different way, mixing the sound of rain, wind and thunder. Successive family moves take him to the south of France and he meets his future wife in Marseille. In 2008, he created an association to develop a range of applications dedicated to office automation and quickly obtained, after training, recognition by obtaining a job as a Computer Developer. That same year, Stéphane continued the musical composition with the soundtrack of the short film "L'Etranger". In 2009, the success of the trilogy "Sphere" is crowned by a Best Of. He was advancing in life with his wife who, in 2012, is suffering from Charcot's disease that prevails in 2015. To avoid sinking and fighting this descent into hell, Stéphane Grare resumed his writings that had so much helped him overcome his difficulties during his youth. In 2016, he published his first novel "L'Aube De Ma Jeunesse" by Éditions Abordables. This is the first volume of a trilogy that will be followed by "A New Dawn" and "The Last Dawn". In 2017, he returns to the musical composition and write a new album "The Legend Of The Ocarina". If the "Sphere" trilogy plunged us straight into the universe of his composer, this new adventure is inspired straight from the world of Zelda and appears as a musical spin-off.

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