Stellardrone is a pseudonym of amateur composer (Edgaras, b.1987, Lithuania, Vilnius) who started creating music in 2007. Using only computer…

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Light Years 2013 - Album
6th album by Stellardrone released under Creative Commons license on Energostatic Records.


2013 - Album


okami79 Feb 02, 2017

Great music I love it, thanks for sharing!

davidmyersxl Jul 08, 2015

I found this artist by accident as well. I heard the song "Light Years" in a linux tutorial video. I loved it, and so I downloaded it. Keep up the great work Stellardrone & FMA! Jan 23, 2014

Great soundtrack music! I'll be using some.

dcabrames Jan 14, 2014

REALLY COOL! Found this album by accident, what a happy accident, caused me to join FMA and make a donation keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your talents with us