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Sétamùr was born in winter 2009 as a solo project of singer and poly instrumentalist Norman Baiocchi (Misdea, Liberal Carme, Virtuosi Dal Pianeta Talento, Tantomdoora, OQDO, etc..). In the years he collaborated and/or shared the stage with artists such as Baustelle, Paolo Benvegnù, Napoleon Murphy Brock (Frank Zappa), Bill Bruford
(King Crimson), Giorgio Canali & Rossofuoco, Andrea Chimenti, Chumbawamba, , Niccolò Fabi, Mariposa, Gianni Maroccolo (Litfiba, CSI, PGR, Marlene Kuntz), Vittorio Nocenzi (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Moni Ovadia, Quintorigo and many others. Sétamùr music creates a cinematic dream-pop very evocative and refined thanks to the mixture of electronics and woodwinds with more traditional instruments. In time the project evolved in 3 different levels: solo, duo and full band (7 members). On 2011 begins the collaboration with the Serbian musician Melinda Ligeti. The project begins alternating between the use of the Italian and English language with both male and female vocals. Working at a distance on each other’s music, new songs are born richer and intimate. Soon the idea was born to arrange the songs for just guitar, piano and vocals; idea that came to life in a very short time through the studio live recording of the EP “5 Coins in a Wishing Well” (200 copies numbered by hand that went sold out in just two months). The promotional tour touched places in Italy and Serbia on concerts as well as radio showcases and a very appreciated appearance on the Serbian national TV, RTS2. On January 2012 the recordings of the first full band album “Hvala”, at the Hill River Studios in Belgrade, Serbia, that will be released in 2013.