Special Moments

The Special Moments were a band formed by two brothers from North London under the pseudonyms Baz and Reg Lumley. …

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Eric: The Falklands Follies 2009 - Album
Eric: The Falklands Follies is a rock opera revolving around the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina.  The album tells…


NartraRadioRoma Feb 04, 2010

http://nartraradioroma.blogspot.com/ this is our Podcasting blog about music "with no copyright"...you are in my sixth Podcastshow!! We like your sound...I hope you will come there to say what you think about our project even if we speak Italian...ehehe!!!..bye bye by...

blocsonic Jan 19, 2010

The Brothers is Back is quite an addictive little ditty.

tom tom go Oct 24, 2009

great album . when will the next project be ready for us.