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Plastic Mind by Sound Spread

Album Description

Sound Spread - 'Plastic Mind'
Released:September 13th, 2013

suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release another fine package from amazing Sound Spread research collective.

Research group: Sound Spread Testing subject: electronic

Research directions: psychedelic, ambient, synth drone, IDM, glitch, sound collage

The Plastic Mind team:

Gipsy Cat

Honky Tonk

Nude Dude

Yoko Absorbing

Silent Sea




"In loving memory of past vague believes, it will not work the working of order gathering for the core of life‘s
motors pressurized stirrings explosive reactions, if the truth, will bleed the way formed to the path of reborn individuals.
might be hurt in front of any parents you have trust, it‘ll be the lust of fruit in the sin{ema} not the enigma.
paradoxes me paradoxes you, roots of glowing hands will grow as the comfort of deliverance any day." -Jaan Patterson

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