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Shailendra Mishra, a Master in percussion Music, is a disciple of Shri Arjun Rai, Pt. Anand Gopal Bandopadhyay and a Gandabandh Shishya of Pt. Sameer Chatterjee. He represents both Banaras and Farrukhabad Gharanas. He also received the able guidance of Late Pt. Shyamal Bose.In the esoteric realm of classical music, Soumitra Lahiri is a name held in high esteem by the connoisseurs. He took to the Guitar at a tender age inspired by his parents, Sangeetacharya Susanta Lahirri and Rekha Lahiri. Later, at the age of seven, Soumitra switched over to Sitar beginning his training under Pandit Gokul Chandra Nag
and his celebrated son Pt. Manilal Nag. In fact, his actual strength lies in presentation of the Ragas without compromising with their pristine character. (from artists' respective homepages)