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Seizmic Intent by Soularflair

Album Description

  The 4th Soularflair album. A dark and eclectic mix of experimental electronica, progressive metal and glitch-hop. ================================================ I would most like my music to be used with visuals like film, TV, games and even commercials. NON-commercial use - please make contact - permission usually granted. COMMERCIAL use - please make
contact to discuss rate.  ----------------- The tracks I believe most suitable for sync with film of some sort are the following: 1. Ludovico's Technique---(experimental electronica)-----4. One Day---(glitch-hop/jazz),------5. Nemesis---(dark dance, uptempo)-----7. Still---(post-rock, slow, chilled dark)-----8. Cognitive Dissonance---(experimental electronica)-----10. The Shadow Weeps---(glitch-hop  



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