Soularflair is the creative outlet of Adam Mannering and resides on the Blue Pie Records artist roster. Creating music completely…

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Understatements II 2022 - Album
Soundtrack, soundscape, more ambient tracks. Free to download and listen to...for ANY other purpose, please contact


jbreyts Jun 04, 2019

Thank you for everything Adam! You were so wonderful and easy to work with. The variety of music you've created for us is simply spectacular. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent. You better believe I'll be back with...

davidteixeira Apr 30, 2019

Amazing collection of music! I?ve included two songs on my new horror short film and I?m obsessed with his work!! Talent knows no boundaries, keep reaching higher and higher!

JRdacchille Apr 12, 2019

Thanks for the great work! It's really difficult to find quality music that fits my needs because there's just so much junk on the internet, and Soularflair has been a great find!

Adam's shadowy and dark soundtracks are really unique to my ears, no doubt. Clean and spatial. I've used one of his scores for a small montage I made and it suited perfectly in conjuction with the vibes I was looking...